What’s Small Business Saturday?

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Small Business Saturday is a yearly event created by American Express that was started in 2010. It takes place the day after Black Friday, and the purpose of the shopping holiday is to bring awareness to small business’ in your community. Small Business Saturday is an opportunity for small business’ to kickstart the holiday shopping season, gain customers, and increase their sales. This holiday is intended to support small business’ growth, and bring awareness to the jobs they create, as well as how they help boost the local economy.

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Profiting From Small Business Saturday: What You Can Do

Spread the Word

Spreading awareness of your business before Small Business Saturday is key to getting curious customers to come visit your store. Post about the event on your social media sites, and on your official website. Make sure you cover all your bases online, and check your websites to make sure your information is up to date. Small Business Saturday also has hashtags you can use to make your posts easier for customers to find. Popular ones include #dinesmall or #shopsmall.

When customers come to visit your business, ensure that they know your social media handles and your company website. It might help to post a sign with your business’ online information somewhere in your store as well. Make sure your business address, phone number, and store hours are also online and visible in the store.

If you plan on extending your store hours, make sure that you mention that in your social media posts and in your physical store.  

Store Promo

An important part of enticing customers to come to your store is offering special deals or having events planned. Having something special planned for your customers can help ensure that they will come back to your business later. For example, you could offer some freebies related to your business, raffles, or special sales and promotions. If your business is service-based, you could offer drawings for discounted prices related to your service.


Collaborating with other business during Small Business Saturday could benefit both of your business’. If you cross-promote with other business’, you can reach more people than you would on your own, and help raise awareness for other small business’ in your community.


Before your Small Business Saturday begins, you’ll need to make sure that you have restocked your inventory. Running out of products and having to turn customers away is not an ideal situation for your business. Not only does it hurt your sales, it could hurt the possibility of your customers coming back. You can prevent this by ordering your products earlier than usual, and making sure to stock up on your best-selling products.

Store Evaluation

Small Business Saturday is right after Black Friday, which marks the beginning of holiday shopping for most people. Before holiday shopping season kicks off, you may want to reevaluate the number of staff you have. This usually means hiring extra security, and more people to work the floor.  Holiday shopping season is also a good time to retrain your staff. Your staff should revise policies such as refunds, returns, disciplinary guidelines, safety guidelines, loss prevention, attendance, and time off.

Small Business Saturday is a great opportunity for your business to grow financially and gain customers. Be well prepared to ease the stress that comes with holiday shopping. Most importantly, you want to put your business’ name out there, and hopefully gain some repeat customers. Update your website, stock your shelves, and make a great impression on your community.