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Green Light Innovations believes that inspired, responsible innovation can transform everyday lives in meaningful ways.
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From lighting to electric bicycles, from business signage to commercial solutions, we help illuminate your world with superior-quality, energy-conscious creations that are sustainable in materials, in cost and in time. When you need to shine a brilliant spotlight on the most important moments of your life, you can count on us.

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Business Signs

Stand out from your competition with eye-catching, customized products that take your branding one step further. Through a rainbow of color combinations and plenty of programmable options, you’ll have a memorable conversation with your customers even before they walk through the door.

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Lighting Solutions

Can one innovation really transform the world? It can when it’s ours. Lasting 15 years or more, our energy-efficient LED lights mean less maintenance, less waste, less money spent and fewer resources used — all while brightening your personal and commercial environments more radiantly than any other light source available.

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Amp Electric Bicycles

Cruise around in style with an Amp Electric Bicycle. Amp Electric Bicycles are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. Amp Electric Bicycles make an excellent mode of transportation for all your daily activities.  They are also great for exercise, and spending time in the great outdoors. Explore the different AMP options to suit your lifestyle.

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