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It’s the simplest things that make the most significant impacts in business success. A look at a neon LED open sign for business is a good example - large and super bright, with multiple color options is crucial for drawing customers in. At Green Light Innovations, we believe that inspired and responsible innovations like our programmable hours signs or LED scrolling sign can grow your business and help you make a great first impression with your customers. Grow your business with our innovative LED signs!

Green Light Innovations

Programmable LED Signs

Two things businesses can’t do without regardless of size - publicity and products. Getting products is relatively easy, getting the public to notice you is where the work sets in? Innovative LED signs, with customizable options ranging from: led scrolling signs to neon open signs for business, are path setters for any business. An LED scrolling sign or a conventional open/closed neon sign will get your business the attention it deserves. In need of an LED sign for business? Follow the link below.

Programmable LED Signs

Green light Innovations is the worlds’ largest manufacturer of LED signs, with unique technologies like Bluetooth app control of color matching that allows you to match your sign colors to your business colors you’re sure to make your presence and availability known. Our LED open signs help inform customers that you’re ready for business, and when done for the day or taking a break, our remote and bluetooth-controlled open signs have an on/off time feature that will turn your open sign into a closed sign.
At Green Light Innovations, we use the most environmentally friendly materials to produce top-quality, energy conservative LED signs for business, that require very little cost to operate. Need to stand out in your corner? Open signs for business help you capture the spotlight and attract customers to your business while making a great first impression.


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Make a statement even before your customers walk through your door, with a LED open sign. Our eye-catching, customized open, and closed LED sings will make you effortlessly stand out from your competition. We offer a rainbow of color combinations and plenty of customizable options for your NEON signs or LED light signs. Our LED options vary from, programmable signs, LED scrolling signs, LED bar open signs, and more. Business just got better!

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Need a battery for whatever? For the past 15 years and more, we’ve been providing businesses, and individuals with accessories and batteriesdesigned for different purposes and use cases. Regardless of your need, whether it be; car batteries, boat batteries, golf cart batteries, marine vessels batteriesand more. We supply the best modular batteriesand customizable batteriesto meet any need of yours. Check out our universal 6V, 4.5A Lithium-Ion batteryfor a start, designed to power any equipment for an extended period of time?

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